Valóságmanufaktúra Association

Valóságmanufaktúra was established in 2019 as an informal group, when a couple of friends who share the same dream, bought a land in the Börzsöny mountains, and established a permaculture farm.

In Valóságmanufaktúra Association we are working to create a world together where man finds it’s place in nature. A world, where human life can be sustainable and humans can find their role in the ecosystem together with other creatures of nature, and also among other people in the way of social justice. To reach this world there are no ready-made recipes to follow, there is not one certain knowledge. The road leading to create this world is the road of constant learning and discovering nature, discovering each other, discovering ourselves. It goes though rebuilding our world views and remodeling our systems. In this remodeling, our design process is permaculture. So Valóságmanufaktúra got engaged with permaculture, sustainability, and nature education with non formal education methods.

We organize summer camps for youth, youth exchanges, festivals in our farm or in other sites in the region. In our activities we use many artistic non-formal education method, like music, drama, circus.

In 2022 we organized a youth exchange called Art, Nature, Community about nature connection, in strong cooperation with BIOM Foundation, being them the applicant organization. The project was a great success and huge inspiration.

Our team has permaculture designers, non formal education trainers, teachers, psychologists.

In general our target group are kids, teenagers and young adults. We consider as a highly relevant target group youth with few opportunities.

We do permaculture workshops of different open events also like we did in 2022 in Waldorf Festival in Zebegény or the Gyüttment Gathering in Magfalva.